Grumps, The – Grumpiest Shits LP | Ltd Edition self release


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I Love this album….Did I say it was good ?….It’s brilliant, minimalist, no nonsense, Part Gories, A BIG dash of early Cramps (Honestly, they’re fans) a touch of Heavy Trash (I guess they are Jon Spencer fans too)…This came recommended to me and I flipped over it…They’ve self released a bunch of other stuff too but on cassette ???? god knows why as I haven’t layed eyes on a cassette player since about a million years….But anyway only a few 100 of these were made and I managed to ‘obtain’ a box at great expense and after a little (!) wait while it made its way here from America (via Austrlia, Hong Kong and no doubt Katmandu)…They are now available to you too !….Ladies & Gents…THE GRUMPS….and before you think it, they ain’t no corny, cabaretesque type Cramps tribute act !

This is a private pressing by the group themselves so I don’t think it’ll be available anywhere else.


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