Ribeye Bros The : If I Had A Horse. LP. Only 200 copies On Orange Vinyl.


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First time on vinyl and only 200 on Orange vinyl.

Quite possibly the best album you’ve never heard !….Link Wray meets Kid Congo & Ivy meets that organ player dude from The Doors or The Seeds.

The Ribeye Brothers were formed sometime in the late 90’s, No one seems to be very clear on the exact date, when legendary lyricist Tim Cronin(Former singer of MONSTER MAGNET) teamed up with a Barely conscious Jon Kleinman(Former drummer of MONSTER MAGNET).

Their desire: To make the kind of music they knew would shoot straight up the charts, namely Garage/Country/Swamprock. And while unbridled success and fame has thus far eluded them, hopes remain high that someday they will sell at least enough CD’s to pay for Jon’s Insatiable animal porn collection.

After several lineup changes, they arrived at what is now often called their “current lineup”. This includes bass player Jim Baglino (LORD STERLING), keyboardist Matt Forman And noted drummer Neil O’Brien (BUTTERFLIES OF LOVE).

The first album, “IF I HAD A HORSE” contains 12 songs, 2 of which are cover songs . Those include, “Don’t Pass Me By”, penned by RINGO STAR and “”How Does It Feel?” By the great 60’s English band THE CREATION. The remaining 10 songs may sound like covers. But under existing copyright laws, I can assure you, they are originals.


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