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OUT NOW LP Vince Ripper & Rodent Show : Planet Shockarama. Ltd Edition.


OUT NOW (Coloured vinyl edition only).

We have only 300 copies of this....So don't hang around.
The 2nd full length vinyl instalment from Vince Ripper and his good buddy Rodent ! A Rockin' side and a Shocking side no less ! It's a 50's Sci-Fi style blow out on side 1 with The Blob, The Invasion Is Coming, Flying Saucer RnR and even a neat cover version of The Cramps 'Mystery Plane'.....Side 2 brings you a little closer to this side of the universe with Teenagers From Mars, Rocket USA, EST, Trip To The Moon among the 'shockers' on this side.


  • Black vinyl. - 98% in stock
  • Coloured vinyl. - 65% in stock