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LP. The Montesas (Marcel Bontempi) : Rockers & Shakers. (Ltd Edition).


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We are sooo proud and happy to be re-issuing ALL the Montesas albums on vinyl and we're starting with this classic !

Technically, this is Marcel Bontempi's 1st solo album as he played and recorded most of the instruments (except drums which was Terry Inferno) and it's classic Bontempi ! You can thrill to 'Have Love, Will Travel' (Richard Berry style, not Wailersor Sonics), Shimmy to 'Hully Gully'...Rock out to 'I Smell A Rat'....12 awesome tracks that will wow you into the middle of next week....All copies come with a glossy 45cmx30cm poster BUT that's not all...flip the poster over and it's a board game.
When this first come out some 15 years ago, certain folk thought it was an actual soundtrack for a movie and Marcel received requests to attend a film festival in France......Don't think we need to mention that this will sell out real fast and the coloured vinl versions are only available HERE !......and no need to pay those crazy prices onEbay or Discogs ! (about €100.00 for a near mint copy).....

100 copies Orange vinyl.
400 copies Black vinyl.


  • Black vinyl + poster. - 87% in stock
  • Orange vinyl + poster - 45% in stock