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In Stock. LP. Messer Chups : CRazy Price. Ltd Edition Release.


Out Now.....!

First time on vinyl.....Brilliant retro release of 'Crazy Price', remastered for vinyl by Oleg himself and includes the amazingly wigged out 'Fantomasophobia'.

14 tracks of mind bending instro madness... '3 minutes to Massacre' is a play on Lee Hazlewood & Duane Eddy's 'Girl On Death Row'....'Ghost Rider To West' is a tremolo heavy rocker with a rather speedy double Bass break !...'Satan Jeans' is a straight up lift of 'Radioactive Kid'....but not as you know it !
Usual eclectic mix of Surf, Rockabilly, Jazz beats, B-Movie samples, Lounge and and a pretty warped mind putting them altogether....

500 Copies only :
- 100 copies on coloured vinyl.
- 400 copies black vinyl.

Will sell out very quickly, so get in fast.


  • Black vinyl. - 74% in stock
  • Coloured vinyl. - 39% in stock