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OUT NOW. EP The X-Men : 1984 Peel Sessions. Volume 1 of The Garbage Grails series.


OUT Now !

- 90 blue vinyl.
- 90 yellow vinyl.
- 100 black vinyl.

Volume one of the super limited series of buried Trash treasures and your chance to own a real bit of Trash history.

Side A - The Witch - Little Girl

Side B - Count Von Black, Xtremental

Trash Waxs' 'Garbage Grails' series kicks off with the legendary 1984, Mark Radcliffe produced, peel session by everyone's favourite 80's mutant trash heroes, The X-Men.

Formed in 1981, the bands hair raising brand of garage trash earned them a record deal with Creation records, releasing two infamous 7's 'Do The Ghost' 1984 & 'Spiral Girl' 1985, and a mini LP of cover versions for Media Burn Records 'Lillies For My Pussy' in 1987.

Side A features covers of 60's punkers by The Sonics & The Syndicate Of Sound, whilst side B features 2 original band tracks, all of which have never appeared on vinyl before.


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