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SALE PRICE. LP The Voo-Dooms : Destination Doomsville. Ltd Edition Colour Splatter.

10.00 - On Sale


Holy Moly....A lot of folk have been waiting for this !....And well worth the wait 'cause it's simply fantastic...Mick Cocksedge, Bruce Brand, Kev Smith and Mr Jack O'Diamonds himself (Dave Prince). Collectively known as The Voo-Dooms !

Come get 'Doomed'....12 blistering tracks all great, with highlights for me being 'Greenline To Doomsville', 'No Reflection' and 'I Want you To Know'.

If you haven't yet been hit by the Doom machine ?...Go check them out on Youtube !

100 copies : Fluo Pink/Fluo Green Splatter in translucent vinyl.
400 copies : Black vinyl.


  • Splatter vinyl. - 31% in stock
  • Black vinyl. - 96% in stock