Messer Fur Frau Muller – Best LP | Ltd Edition White vinyl.


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Beautiful, limited re-edition of one of their rarest (and most expensive €100+) albums, originally compiled by Oleg, taken from his Pre-Messer Chups group, Messer Fur Frau Muller.

If you are expecting a pure Surf or a Rockabilly tinged twang fest ? Then you risk a surprise, as although there are a few elements of that in some of the tracks, this is a trip of different proportions…Exotica, Lounge, Whacky Electronica, Crazy excerpts of Russian movies, cartoon samples BUT it works…Brilliantly ! Anyway, if by some remote chance you don’t like it you can always flog it on EvilBay and double your money back !

(From original release notes). Author’s compilation of the best moments in the history of the legendary St. Petersburg team. Sparkling retro cocktail of samples of old songs and movies and a lounge mood. Every resident of Russia at least once in their life has heard of “the best girl in the USSR” from a piece of the film “Once Again About Love” and “Funny Man”, which sampled the beginning of the same song from English 60’s singer John Leighton of ‘Johnny Remember Me’ fame. An irreplaceable record for a rest at the end of the working week.

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