Marsha Gee – Peanut Duck / Count Yates – Chimpanzee 7″


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“At Virtue Sound Studio in Philadelphia, a mystery girl singer cut “Peanut Duck,” a feverish soul stomper that trailed the Loco-Motion, Mashed Potato, Twist trend. But the track was never released, and Marsha Gee was not the actual singer. The only proof of “Peanut Duck” lay in an acetate discovered by a British DJ who took the disc back to England and released it as a bootleg on Joker Records in the ‘80s. Not wanting his rival DJs to infringe upon his precious find, he christened the unknown singer Marsha Gee. The true voice behind ‘Peanut Duck’ has yet to be revealed.

Count Yates (Sammy Hagan) started recording in the mid 50’s with a couple of Doo Wop groups before unleashing this slice of craziness…Makes this double hitter pretty much essential.


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