Madness Invasion (complete 48 tracks) : V.A. 2xCD. An Absolute must have.


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48 track covering the complete 3 albums which came out in 87-88. NM or mint copies of the original LPs fetch €50.00 + each.
Fabulous mix of late 50’s and early 60’s tracks….All weird & wonderfully Trashy ! and you get the whole lot for just €25.00….Bargain right !

Disc One
1-1 –The Dinks (2) Nina-Kocka-Nina
1-2 –The Wild Tones Shut-Ups
1-3 –Archie King The Vampires
1-4 –The Caps Three Little Pignicks
1-5 –The Tabbys Hong Kong Baby
1-6 –Hollywood Flames* Strollin’ On The Beach
1-7 –The Swanks Ghost Train
1-8 –Hugh Barrett & The Victors There Was A Fungus Among Us
1-9 –The Invasion The Invasion Is Coming
1-10 –The Invaders* Cat’s Eyes
1-11 –Sonny Russel* Fifty Megatons
1-12 –Tony Butula* Long Black Stockings
1-13 –Red “Hot” Russel* Pedro Joe
1-14 –Mackey Beers And The Rockitts* That Jim
1-15 –Neal Scott Go Bohemian
1-16 –The Rialtos Like Thunder
1-17 –Tommy King And The Starlites Bop Diddle In The Jungle
1-18 –The Jiants Tornado
1-19 –Bob Taylor & The Counts* Taylor’s Rock
1-20 –The Jay-Hawks* The Creature From Outer Space
1-21 –Lord Luther I Was A Teenage Creature
1-22 –The Twisters (3) Count Down
1-23 –Myron Lee & The Caddies Magic In A Summer Night
1-24 –Dale Wright That’s Show Biz
Disc Two
2-1 –The Elite (2) One Potato
2-2 –The Loafers (4) Crazy Talk
2-3 –Phil Johns & The Lonely Ones Ballad Of A Juvenile Delinquent
2-4 –The Statesmen (2) Roo-Buh-Doo-Buh-Doo
2-5 –Hollywood Flames* Frankenstein’s Den
2-6 –The Crestones She’s A Bad Motorcycle
2-7 –Kip Tyler Rumble Rock
2-8 –Curley & The Jades Boom Stix
2-9 –Round Robin I’m The Wolfman
2-10 –Drag Kings Idnight Drag Of Paul Revere
2-11 –Jerry Neal I Hates Rabbits
2-12 –Crazy Crickets* Expressway
2-13 –Joe Cota Creep-A-Con-Rock
2-14 –Billy Taylor & The Tear Drops Wombie Zombie
2-15 –The Roxsters Goodbye Baby
2-16 –Tommy Falcone & The Centuries Like Weird
2-17 –Andy And The Manhattans* Double Mirror
2-18 –Lion And The Leprechauns* Mouse Trap
2-19 –The Rhythm Rockers* Weird
2-20 –Jim Boss And The Sundowners* Your Love Is Stronger Than Dirt
2-21 –The In Crowd (5) Speed Queen
2-22 –Duals* Stick Shift
2-23 –Robert Williams* Loud Mufflers
2-24 –Randy Luck I Was A Teen-age Cave Man



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