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LP. V.A. : Plundered Vol 1. (Songs The Mummies Taught Us)


USA Import. Limited edition of 500 copies (some on coloured vinyl).

Remember, you only pay shipping on the first item....Unlimited quantity shipped for one price (we ship worldwide).

Mummies fans will love this, The Mummies Unwrapped Part 1 (So there's part two somewhere ???)...14 tracks that the Mummies covered...And no, they aren't all Wailers or Sonics covers ! Some real killers on this LP, and a few I'd never heard before ! (see the track listing)....Cool sleeve, good liner notes also, even if they all start the same !

I'm guessing this will sell out pretty fast and we only have a limited quantity.


  • Blue vinyl. - 84% in stock
  • Black vinyl. - 0% in stock
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