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LP. V.A. : Creature Cuts vol 1. Ltd edition


Fantastic collection of 50's & early/mid 60's obscurities.

Well, well, well....What a crackin' album....14 deliciously wicked tracks culled from the depths of the past, 50's Rockabilly with the ultra obscure Bobby Dee & the Crestliners : Graveyard Twist (worth the price of admission alone)...The truly whacked out Al Casy & The Bats : Adventures of Frank. N. Stein from 1958 is a classic case of what happens when let the lunatics take over the asylum or in this case the recording studio (Lee Hazelwood, no less)...A couple of tracks may be familiar to a few of you including the original version of Larry & The Bluenotes : Night Of The Sadist which they were obliged to change to Night Of The Phantom....My personal fave on this album is most definitely 'Little Black Things' by Sheldon Allman. All in all, an essential slab of wax....On Get Off The Road Records, the vinyl is that (recently becoming popular)...Red in black...looks like normal black vinyl but is in fact translucent red splatter when exposed to light !


  • Red in black vinyl. - 87% in stock