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LP. The Hula Girls : The Curse Of The Tiki. Ltd Edition colour vinyl.


OK...Well, this is...Interesting !....Hulabilly no less (new one on me)...Gave this a spin and it's not really my cup of arsenic....Twee Rockabilly/Western Swing via Hawaii, I think that the more purist Rockin' crowd will like its sound and easy on the ears charm though. Released by those fine folk at Hi-Tide Recs.

10-year anniversary vinyl pressing of The Hula Girls’ hulabilly classic “The Curse of the Tiki”!

1. Hula Girl
2. Hawaii’s Not That Far Away
3. The Curse of the Tiki
4. Suck ‘Em Up
5. Moonshine Mai Tai
6. Hulabilly Honey
7. Volcano
8. Leilani
9. The Warm Sands of Huntington Beach
10. Desert Isle
11. Surfin’ with Von Franco
12. Waikiki Moon
13. The Hidden Village

• Limited edition “Sea Glass” colored vinyl, 500 copies


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