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LP. The Hula Girls : Jungle Beach Party. Ltd Edition coloured vinyl.


Yikes....These 'girls' sure are fuggin' ugly !....Why, they almost look like men !

The Hula Girls return with their follow up to 2010's "Curse of the Tiki" album. Rockabilly, hapa-haole, surf and exotica meet for more great songs about cocktails and girls, exotic locales, and tiki bar living gone wrong on limited RED translucent vinyl!

1. Forbidden Island
2. Rock Around the Island
3. Okole Maluna
4. Return of the Hawaiian Eye
5. Chick Safari
6. Suffering Bastard
7. Mr. Bartender
8. Kalua
9. Hula Hula Bang Bang
10. I Fall Hard
11. Distant Drums
12. Evening at Tonga Lei


  • Red vinyl. - 56% in stock