LP. The Cramps : Trash Is Neat 5 (The Band That Time Forgot) Ltd Edition.


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Shipping from 9th March (Approx. could be a little later as it's a Russian import).

Ultra limited repress of one of the rarest (Unofficial) Cramps albums...With 3 additional tracks and revised artworks.
This originally came out about 8-9 years ago on a pressing of 250 copies and features some of the rarest tracks that the Cramps performed, this version has 3 additional tracks including a 2nd, little known version of 'The Band That Time Forgot'....(See image for track listing). Original copies of this (when they appear) usually sell in the €75-€100 range.

- 100 copies on Purple vinyl.
- 150 copies on Black vinyl.

This will sell out very quickly....Only reservations/orders made through the website will guarantee a copy....Sorry, but no email reservations.


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