IN STOCK. LP. The Cramps : M-m-m-m Mad Mad Daddies. Live at Napa State Hos[ital.


In stock....As of 16th Oct 28 copies of Grey Marble & 9 Copies of White vinyl....Be quick.

Well, this has been a long time coming and surprised that it hasn't been available before !!! Quite probably the most famous gig The Cramps ever played, The Napa State Hospital (mental institute).
This has been edited for vinyl, remastered and features interviews with the patients/inmates, fantastic artwork for the sleeve and a top notch release overall which captures The Cramps at their craziest !

Very Ltd edition WHITE vinyl...Only 25 copies. (Sorry about the price, we paid through the nose).

Ltd Edtion GREY Marbled vinyl...100 copies

Standard Black vinyl.

As is usual with this type of thing, quantity is limited so 1st come, 1st served.


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