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LP. Chicken Snake : Shapeshifter.

Image of LP. Chicken Snake : Shapeshifter.


Album number 6 for for Jerry Teel's latest combo (since 2009) with a pedigree that includes The Chrome Cranks, Honeymoon Killers (with Jon Spencer), Boss Hog (Again with Jon Spencer), Knoxville Girls (With Kid Congo)...You know it's going to be good. Based out of New Orleans you get a natural vibe for the Swampy Blues Trash thang...There's a slight evolution on this album (side 1) with a more cleaner, southern sound, still makes me think of rednecks with rotten teeth and guns though ! All mad a roundabout way, like a dirty 16 Horsepower.

All six (yep, 6) of their albums are well worth picking up....In their own words, they're 'Trashy, Swampy, Rockin' Blues'.....I'd say that's about right !

500 copies on our good mate's label 'Beast Recs'.....


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