Lez Boomerang : A Wild Surf Rockin’ Garage Show !


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Well….it’s all in the title really and to say this is brilliant is a total understatement…Instant classic here at Trash Wax.

Jeppesen Brothers (Aka Powersolo / Godless Wicked Creeps) in:

Lez BOOMERANG – …a wild surf rockin’ garage show!!!

The magic that two brothers can have in one band.
And this one is THREE:

Bo “Brain” H.Jeppesen (Guitar)
Lars “The Grip” H.Jeppesen (Drums)
Kim “Grotesque” H.Jeppesen (Vox/Bass)

“Lez Boomerang is the missing link between the raw energy of
GODLESS WICKED CREEPS and the future insane creativity of POWERSOLO,
Kim’s next and famous project”

…Pure Trash !


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