Just A Bad Dream UK Trash & Garage 81-89 | 3 X CD Boxset V.A.


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Great for the car…60 tracks of 80’s UK Garage Punk and Trash on 3 CDs.

It’s TRASH……..This is a brilliant idea and contains plenty of essential tracks and it covers most of the bases, From The Sting Rays, Vibes, Cannibals to lesser known groups, some of which only have a tenuous link to the scene.

Each CD contains 20 tracks and the artwork for the sleeves, booklet and packaging is pretty cool too. The booklet running to 50 pages is jam packed with images, photos and info that anyone with an interest in UK trash sound should read.

As with any release attempting to cover a specialised field which spans 10 years, there are omissions, a few small errors and some questionable inclusions but overall it’s a must have….For both folk that know the scene and for those looking to find out what the fuss was about !


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