Doyley : Psycho From Beyond. Book.


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The new book from Doyley “PSYCHO FROM BEYOND” is a PRE-ORDER, please read below what you are ordering!!

The book will be available in DECEMBER. Don’t be asking me next week where is my book?.

There is an option to order the book with a CD that features the bands in the book, everything from the very first band demos and uncredited songs.

There is a 2nd option to save money, You can also add another new CD release out in Dec, “Uke Can’t keep a good man down” Psychobilly/ Rockabilly cover songs all played on a uke with a special guess.
Songs include re-recordings of old Klingonz and Demented are go songs.


Everyone seems to be bringing out a book these days, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. Although I’ve been writing it for over a year, it seems like the right time to bring it out, especially with all the 80’s pics going around. The book will be out in Dec. You have a few pre-order options. If you want to hear stories about growing up in Ireland listening to Psychobilly, starting a band and moving to London, the Gosterwood place, Klingonz, Mad Sin, Dead Kings, Nigel Lewis and others. You might find these stories funny and interesting.


Review from Craig Brakenridge Autor

“Rockin’ bookshelves are getting increasingly under pressure these days and now Doyley makes a welcome appearance into the boot-stomping literature scene with a wealth of astonishingly vivid recollections of his career as a globetrotting musician, producer and record label head honcho.

If you are looking for authentic tales of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll that strip the glamour of it all back to the bare bones then here it is. This is a brutally honest collection of stories documenting life at the sharp end of the music biz and certainly not for the perpetually offended… don’t leave this one lying around for yer mammy to read or she’ll find out exactly what kind of sleazy scene you are involved in.

For Psychobilly fans, all the big names are featured here but there is much more to enjoy including a potted history of the Irish rockin’ scene, details of life behind the mixing desk,


tips for dealing with German squatters and even info on the arse-scratching effects of stolen bog roll.

For those that may struggle with the lingo then there is even a Klingonz / Irish glossary of slang words to help it all make sense. If there is anything that can wean you off reading scud mags or peering endlessly a F***book this heavy-duty read can do it. Get intae it ya cream cracker!



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