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DLP. Messer Chups : Spook-O-Rama. Limited Edition.


Due to the current Covid situation, deliveries are taking much longer.

European exclusive. It was painfully expensive importing these so sorry for the price, still cheaper than elsewhere though.

As best of albums go, they really don't get much better than this....2 LPs, 28 tracks in total, 6 vinyl only tracks, 2 newly recorded tracks from 2019 and some truly wonderful artwork by Svetlana Shubina......

This beauty is already fetching prices of €75.00 for the black vinyl edition and asking prices of €100.00+ for the blue vinyl edition.......Bat shit crazy stuff.....You won't have to pay anything like those prices here.

We literally have only 25 copies of the black edition.....Be quick !


  • Black vinyl. - 30% in stock