Cramps The : The Last Supper. LP. From the iLL Eagle folk. Coloured vinyl (100 copies only).


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Very Ltd coloured vinyl edition exclusive for Trash Wax. From the folk behind the Ill Eagle releases.

Only available from Trash Wax Recs.

Truly beautiful release from the Ill Eagle guys, as only to be expected the sound is great, informative notes and one of the best sleeves we’ve seen……See gallery image for more details.

Notes fro the sleeve.

Previous releases of this show were taken from a 2nd or 3rd generation dub of the original recording which was sped up by approximately 8 per cent. This manipulation allowed the full recording to fit on one LP.
This release is culled from the original master tape and is presented, for the first time, at the correct speed. This action not only ensures higher audio fidelity, but presents the songs as the artist orignally intended.
Consequently, 3 songs – Teenage Werewolf, Sunglasses After Dark and I’m Cramped – are missing from this release due to the time constraints of a vinvyl record. Those tracks are available on Dead Mike’s companion 7″ single release. “Just Got Back from Venus” and the deluxe CD edition of “The Last Supper”.

Get in quick as this will sell out rather sharpish. 98 copies available only.


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