Cramps The : Lets Get Fucked Up. DLP. Ltd Edition Green/Red Vinyl.


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Ahhh, C’mon. This is getting a bit boring to be honest. 6 or 7 versions of the Palo Alto gig (we refused to take the latest edition, an awful overpriced double picture disc) and now this…To be honest the hardcore collectors will buy it anyway but we’re kind of miffed that there’s little or no imagine going into this Cramps ‘mill’….It’s just cashing in on recycled stuff !

Don’t get me wrong, if there was stuff coming out that I hadn’t heard before then I’m in pretty quickly !

Anyway, buy it if you want, if you don’t already have this Italian ‘TV Broadcast’ get the coloured vinyls, if you do already have it…Ask yourself if you need it again ?

Limited pressing DLP 500 copies, one disc green, one disc red.



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