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Comic book : Rockin' Bones. Original copies.


Monsters, Aliens & Rock'n'Roll......It's exactly what it says on the cover and that's exactly what you get....Vol 1, Vol 3 & The X-Mas special Vol 1.

These are pristine, mint original copies of the fabled 'Rockin' Bones' comic book from the early 90's....All drawn by the very talented Darren Merinuk who recently designed the sleeve for the killer album by The Ugly Fly Guys.

Your chance to own a bit of RnR print history......Some of the more observent among you will have noticed that the cover of vol 1 was 'borrowed' to be used as part of the artwork a fake Sub Pop 7" of The Cramps....mall world Huh!


  • Vol 1. - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Vol 3. - 42% in stock
  • X-Mas Special. - 50% in stock