Coffinshakers The : We Are The Undead. LP. Re-Issue (Finland).


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At last, this classic album has been re-issued by Svart Records from Finland so now we don’t have to pay €200.00+ for a copy.

14 tracks of ‘Cult graveyard, rockin’ death country inspired sounds with a vocalist channeling Johnny Cash at times (the fake Transylvanian accent is a fun touch in parts too). When this originally came out in 1998 it sold out very quickly and became a ‘must have’ with even CD versions fetching €80+….Call it Death Country, call it Gothabilly but there’s a touch of Surf to it, a dose of Ennio Morricone and a healthy serving of oddball Rockabilly !

These won’t be around for very long so get in quick as it’s a 500 copy only, worldwide release imported from Finland.

We also have copies of ‘The Coffinshakers’ S/T in stock…


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