Chiff Chaffs The : Twist De La Lys. 7″ DeLuxe Edition (Hyperloop release).


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A wild couple of slices of wigged out Garage Trash that will take you on the ride of your life !

If you are looking at this in the UK ?  Consider buying it direct from Hyperloop (you can pay in £’s and avoid any postal delays).

Hyperloop are not only a fabulous label serving up Primo garage (both 60’s & current bands) they also deliver amazing packages with their releases…Info sheets, jukebox tabs, postcards and photos are standard fare and this release goes even beyond that, just check out the image gallery to see what comes with incredible slab of 7″ vinyl.

As with any of the Hyperloop releases, this will sell out rapidos !  So don’t be a slouch !  (Contents may vary).

The Chiff Chaffs 1st 7″ sold out within weeks of it’s release but we still have a few copies of their debut LP (1st pressing sold out in less than a month too).


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