Bal Sting Ray & His Goo Goo Mucks : Live @ Bedlam. LP. Ltd Edition Coloured Vinyl.


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Well, we’re so stoked that this is on it’s way ! Something that few folk could have imagined happening after such a long absence…The Godfathers of the UK phenomena that was TRASH ! 3 of the original founding members from The Sting Rays, the always fabulous Debbie Bongo (She was in Ug & The Cavemen too you know !) and Tim Hosking (X-Men bass pounder extraordinaire) the younger brother of Mark…..On stage Saturday 14th March 2020.

The Road Menders was completely full to capacity when they took to the stage, a very magical moment indeed, that I for one won’t ever forget. From the moment they took to the stage and hit the first notes, the place erupted….Bliss.

What you have here are 14 tracks (edited to fit the vinyl)…Including the classics, Dinosaurs, The Cat, I want My Woman, You’re Gonna Miss Me, Blue Girl, Escalator…..and that’s not even half of them.

Mastered in the raw by Doyley @ Diablo.

Whatever you do….Don’t miss out on this !



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