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7". Marcel Bontempi : Mambo Voodoo + 1. Ltd Edition 500 copies only.


Shipping/posting in early February.

If you have already ordered the Lone Wolf 7" and you want this as well, simply order as usual and we will refund the shipping cost of the 2nd (This 7") to you.

Ltd Edition of 500.....

Baron Samedi say that Bontempi cat is good medicine, he get your feet moving and your butt shakin'...With the Mombo Voodoo He bring you back from the dead but ya won't be zombified, that dude so cool, you'll be Bontempified.
A Haitian beat to the mambo sound, bongo's a go go when the sun goes down, when you got that misery and you can't sleep...It's that Voodoo working.
A dose of Danceitis is the only cure, Rockin' rhythms leave you begging for more.....That maestro of rhythm gone done it again, left your carcass on the floor.....
*No chickens or goats were harmed in the recording of these tunes !

Sold Out