7". Aloha Swamp : Aloha Swamp (Messer Chups) Ltd Edition of 250.


See the description for The Bonecollectors 7" for the story.....Anyway, already rare as rockin horse shit.....

Aloha Swamp is the latest incarnation of Messer Chups but with a pedal guitar played by Oleg in addition to his already great guitar playing.....Those of you that like the Rockabilly sound will love this, those that prefere a more Surf twang are already convinced.....Look out for the full length LP coming in a few weeks on Trash Wax !

7" pressed for the USA tour (2019).....If you're lucky enough to see them in the USA, might, just might be able to grab a copy at one of the early shows....Good luck.

Same story, too much demand, not enough to go round...1st come, 1st served (No email reservations).

Sold Out