A veritable cornucopia of Trash, Wild Rockabilly and Garage Garbage. The one stop shop for your vinyl fix and more……….All Killer, no Filler !  Only the scuzziest and nastiest sounds get in here…Wigged out and Fuzzed up Garage ! Old School Psycho-Rockabilly (no nu-metalbilly here), Surf & 50’s & 60’s Punk Trash.

We take the finest releases from like minded labels from around the world and bring them all here under one roof.. Voodoo Rhythm, Diablo,  Crypt, Pig Baby, Chaputa, Oha/Migraine, Monster Mash, Rollin, as well as a whole heap of private and smaller labels…..We don’t take everything mind you…..just the stuff we love and think fits !
Our own releases will be bringing you some of the forgotten gems from that rare spark of brilliance that is the Trash sound, be it from the 50’s, 60’s, 80’s or anywhere between then and now.
Those tracks and albums that, for whatever reasons at the time, should have been released but weren’t…recordings that had been left on the shelves in little studios, demo’s long forgotten and live material no-one imagined ever hearing again.