LP The Teamsters : S/T. Ltd Edition 500 copies.

Image of LP The Teamsters : S/T.  Ltd Edition 500 copies.


Rhythm & Beat with a way cool 'Milkshakes' edge to it, no excuses for not owning this bit of wax.

THE TEAMSTERS! Thirteen tracks not only for fans of Medway Beat, but simply for all of those who appreciate real good pop music as well as 77 punk music. It includes of course a touch of 60s influence with Mersey Beat, R'n'B and R'n'R.
However, the three young Londoners are living in the wind in 2014, and that is to be heard in their music. These 13 pieces of sparkling originality are all composed by the infernal songwriting duo Bolton / Wing.
The album was recorded by Ed Deegan (ex Toe Rag Studios) at Gizzard Studios in London. Bret Bolton's drums make you swing, they are straight to the point and he knows exactly what to do. They're just perfect, the way they should be. Bass duties were taken over by the new Teamster by the name of Daniel Fell. Just listen to the menacing, angry but touching, voice and guitars of Sir Tom H. Wing to finally win you over.


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