Book : Psychobilly. By Craig Brackenridge.

Image of Book : Psychobilly.  By Craig Brackenridge.


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Psychobilly by Craig Brackenridge

- Stevenage. 1986. The Psychobilly disease is spreading across the UK and Harry Powell and his mates have got it bad. They are followers of the brutal blend of Rockabilly & Punk that is seeping across Britain’s musical underground and from the Klub Foot to Scarborough Scooter Rally, they will go anywhere for wrecking and rumpo. Along with the booze, brawls and bunk-ups, Harry finds something even more special but a dark secret within the crew threatens to tear them apart. However, no matter what they face, their lives revolve around the adrenalin-fuelled, pounding beat of Psychobilly.

A bit of light reading.


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